Our commitment for the environment

The Hotel Stella is actively committed to protecting the future of our planet and strives to promote stays that combine environmental sustainability with the comfort of vacations, achieved through a variety of targeted green initiatives.

The careful insulation of the hotel with walls and windows featuring triple glazing in the rooms, the use of facilities made from local materials and woods, as well as the assignment of construction work to local craftsmen, all contribute to promoting sustainability and supporting the local economy.

All exterior walls of the new building are insulated.

We provide a charging station for electric bicycles to promote emission-free mobility.

Hotel Stella has a photovoltaic system to optimize solar energy usage and reduce our CO2 footprint. The system is oriented to the northeast and southwest and achieves its peak performance in July and August. During hotel operating hours, all electricity generated by solar energy is consumed within the hotel. The annual electricity production is approximately 30,000 kWh, resulting in a saving of 15 tons of CO2.

Additionally, we exclusively source electricity from solar energy through the provider UnoEnergy to ensure a 100% green and sustainable energy supply.

We use cleaning products from refillable bottles to avoid the generation of plastic waste.

A large portion of our cleaning products comes from the company Ècosì, which holds the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of the cleaning agents. To further reduce environmental impact, we offer our guests the option to skip linen changes upon request. However, if a change is desired, all linens are professionally cleaned internally with water-saving techniques.

We use cleaning products from refillable bottles to avoid the generation of plastic waste.

Mostly, we rely on products from the company Ècosì, which holds the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of the cleaning agents. Sustainability, safety, and effectiveness are the three parameters that Ècosì consistently employs.

To reduce environmental impact, we offer our guests the option to skip a change of bed linen upon request. However, if a change is desired, all bed linen is professionally and water-efficiently cleaned internally, as it does not undergo external transportation.

To further reduce plastic consumption, the guest set in the rooms is offered in refillable bottles, contributing to our mission of promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

We adhere to a strict waste management policy through waste separation, actively contributing to reducing environmental impact. Regarding paper usage, we have implemented the digital information system "Guestnet" to minimize the need for paper printing and promote a more sustainable approach to communication with our guests. Additionally, we encourage the reuse and recycling of paper within the facility.

In our effort to reduce plastic consumption, we prefer glass bottles over PET bottles to decrease our ecological footprint. Furthermore, we source from suppliers that use minimal or biodegradable packaging to ensure our procurement is as sustainable as possible. We are aware of the importance of reducing plastic usage and continuously strive for innovative solutions to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle within our facility.

To ensure the freshness and sustainability of our products, we prefer to purchase regional and seasonal items. We have formed partnerships with numerous local producers who offer fresh and high-quality ingredients, minimizing transportation distances and promoting a "farm-to-table" approach.

Furthermore, we are committed to selecting suppliers who adhere to fair trade principles, ensuring fair and sustainable working conditions for local producers. Through these practices, we actively support local communities and contribute to fostering a fairer and more responsible economy.

With our commitment to regional, seasonal, and sustainable products, we aim not only to provide our guests with an authentic and high-quality culinary experience but also to actively support the environment and the local communities in which we operate.

Among our suppliers, we have:

  • Genussbunker (St. Lorenzen - BZ): Hubert Stockner, cheese master, fromelier, and beer sommelier, showcases good taste: he has renovated an old bunker (natural cave) from the Second World War into a storage space for aging and processing exquisite South Tyrolean and international cheese varieties.
  • Selezione 76: Speck by Franco Cemin / Alter Keller (Val di Fiemme TN)
  • Aspinger Raritäten (Barbian - BZ): Harald Gasser cultivates over 800 forgotten varieties of fruits and vegetables in South Tyrol to prevent the disappearance of old, authentic fruit, and vegetable varieties.

We are committed to ensuring the well-being and comfort of our employees. For this reason, most of our team accommodations are located directly within the hotel itself. This practice not only offers convenience and comfort for our team but also reduces the need for travel and commuting, thereby contributing to environmental friendliness.

We take pride in creating a work environment that promotes the comfort and stability of our employees, enabling them to fully focus on the excellent service we provide to our guests.

In the area of energy and electricity, we have implemented various software solutions in our hotel to optimize energy efficiency. Regarding lighting, we primarily use energy-efficient LED bulbs, which not only consume less power but also have a much longer lifespan, thereby reducing both energy and maintenance costs. Motion sensors for turning lights on and off have been installed in corridors and passage areas.

The cooling system, heating, and ventilation are fully computerized and optimized to provide guests with maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption. The motors of the refrigeration systems are cooled with cold water, which, once heated, is used to provide hot water within the structure itself, thus saving energy.

The ventilation machines for wellness areas, reception hall, restaurant, and kitchen operate with heat recovery through heat exchangers. The heat recovery efficiency is as follows:

  • Kitchen ventilation machine: thermal efficiency 81.9%
  • Hall ventilation machine: thermal efficiency 81.3%
  • Wellness area ventilation machine: thermal efficiency 81%
  • Reception hall ventilation machine: thermal efficiency 91%

In the rooms, we offer our guests autonomous control of the desired room temperature, allowing them to adjust the environment according to their preferences. Additionally, we have implemented an intelligent system that automatically regulates the internal temperature to the pre-set minimum when windows or balcony doors are opened, ensuring efficient energy usage without compromising guest comfort.

In the rooms and suites, we have activated the "smart comfort" feature, which reduces energy consumption based on guest presence.

We actively encourage our guests to participate in various activities that promote sustainability and respect for the beautiful Dolomites. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Sellaronda Bike Day: We invite our guests to participate in this cycling event that celebrates the beauty of the Dolomites with a bike tour around the famous Sellaronda, raising awareness for sustainable tourism and the importance of protecting the natural environment.
  • Promotion of local craftsmanship: We promote local craftsmanship through the "Made in DOLOMITES Val Gardena - with LOVE" brand, encouraging our guests to support local producers and the region's economy.
  • Waste management: We promote recycling and waste reduction practices among our guests and the local community.
  • Spring water - "Ega dla Dolomites" Project: We promote responsible water resource usage through the "Ega dla Dolomites" project, aiming to protect natural springs and ensure access to high-quality water for residents and visitors of Val Gardena.
  • Protection of alpine huts, hiking trails, and livestock: We raise awareness among our guests about the importance of preserving traditional alpine huts, hiking trails, and grazing animals to maintain the unique ecosystem of the Dolomites.
  • Mobility with the Val Gardena Mobile Card: We offer our guests the Val Gardena Mobile Card for free to promote a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation and facilitate access to various attractions and activities in the region.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and use of e-bikes: The Val Gardena valley offers various electric vehicle charging stations, and we promote the use of e-bikes to reduce emissions and contribute to combating air pollution.