A historic hotel in Selva Gardena that blends tradition with modernity

Holidays in the Dolomites in a hotel in Selva di Val Gardena

The first definitive mention of the Sternwirt in the La Bula district was in 1779.
Around 1900, the family of Vinzenz Demetz bought the entire property from Anton and Marianne Kasslater,
which included the old building with an adjoining tavern, a small emporium and a stable. Hotel Stella was constructed in 1908 on the site of the old La Bula tavern.
In 1924, Karl Demetz demolished the barn to build Hotel Zum Stern (now the La Bula pizzeria), the first hotel in Selva Val Gardena equipped with a central heating system and hot and cold water in all rooms.

Following the Second World War, the hotel was restored in 1951, which is when the historical part took on its current appearance.

The wing of the hotel where the old tavern stood was demolished in 1963 by Demez Vincenzo, and replaced by the new part of the hotel which still exists today.
Vinzenz, great-grandfather and founder

Vinzenz, great-grandfather and founder

Carolina e Karl, grandparents

Carolina and Karl, grandparents

Franca e Vincenzo, parents

Franca e Vincenzo, parents

There have been many renovations over the years, but Hotel Stella will be completely refurbished in 2022 by the current heirs of Demez Vincenzo, Karl and Mariagrazia, with some parts of the building being demolished and other external and internal areas being modernised